Ultimate Settings Panel : Shortcuts to Everything in Windows

Windows, like many other operating systems, has too many settings hidden here and there. It takes a getting used to and finding your way around the system to find these hidden settings. Even the experienced Windows users cannot find these settings quickly, as the users have to take multiple steps to reach these hidden places.

If you want to save your time to find the most common settings in Windows, then you can try using the Ultimate Settings Panel. It is a simple Windows application with multiple tabs and under each of these tabs there are hundreds of shortcuts to launch various programs or open many settings in Windows.

All the settings are not given in one big list. It features multiple tabs for each of these categories. These tabs include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Advanced, Control Panel, Outlook, Command Prompt, Server Administration, Powershell, Shutdown Options, Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Tricks.

Ultimate Settings Panel

When you launch the program, it displays the Home tab showing you the Windows’ username, computer name, current date and time. You can also change theme (dark or light theme), and the color style of the app. The whole look and feel of the app mixes well with the universal apps of Windows 10.

Ultimate Settings Panel is not only for Windows 10, but it contains shortcuts for Windows 7 and 8 as well. But it does not hide the shortcuts meant for other versions of Windows because these shortcuts also work in the later versions of Windows. At first it appears that it is just another God Mode shortcut, but actually the God Mode shortcut is also included in Ultimate Settings Panel.

While some shortcuts are unnecessary such as the shutdown options which are easily accessible from the Start menu itself, Ultimate Settings Panel is a useful tool to have on your system. It is also available in the portable mode so you can carry it in your USB pendrive and use on any Windows PC.

You can download Ultimate Settings Panel from https://sourceforge.net/projects/ultimatesettingspanelpro/.