Compare and Merge Source Code Files with Diffinity

When collaborating with other developers over a project, we often come across the source code files that were modified by others and we want to know what changes have been made. If the developers have commented the code well, then there is no problem understanding everything but in the real world not everyone follows these simple steps. In these situations, comparison software like Diffinity come very handy. Using Diffinity, you can compare two source code files, find the differences between them and merge them if necessary.

The user interface of Diffinity is very easy-to-follow. You simply have to open two source code files – original one and the new modified one. You can also select two folders to be compared. It will instantly display the differences using color codes. The differences are marked line by line. It shows all sorts of differences – changed lines, added lines and removed lines. If needed, you can also edit the files right from inside Diffinity window.


Not only it uses colors of displaying the syntax for the programming languages used, but it also uses colors for grouping the difference types – green for new lines, red for removed lines, and blue for changed lines. In case of changed lines, the same color codes are used for added, removed or changed characters.

If you want to merge the different lines between the original and the modified files, then you can simply right-click on the line and choose to copy the line from left-to-right or right-to-left. The same features are available from the toolbar buttons or menubar.

Developers working with CMS like WordPress are definitely going to love Diffinity as now they can find out the changes made in the last version and the new version of WordPress themes. It is free and can be used in the portable mode without any problems.

You can download Diffinity from