Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts with Clavier+

Anybody who has used their Windows computer for a couple of years, surely knows the importance of hotkeys also known as keyboard shortcuts. Hotkeys are a combination of different keys that when pressed together can be made to take certain actions. Windows comes with some hotkeys of its own, for example, you can use Win+R to launch the Run dialog, Win+I to open Windows settings, Win+E to open Windows File Explorer and more. Even though Windows comes with so many inbuilt hotkeys, you might want to create your own hotkeys to carry out some tasks.

For creating and managing custom hotkeys in Windows, you can use a freeware called Clavier+. This portable software makes it very easy even for the beginners to create custom keyboard shortcuts. The hotkeys created through Clavier+ work only as long as it is running in the background. It saves all the hotkeys configuration in a small file. You can save and load your hotkeys configurations in different files just by right-clicking on its notification area icon.


Creating hotkeys using Clavier+ is very easy. In the settings window of Clavier+, you can simply click on the small add button and press the hotkey that you want to assign. The hotkey can be created for launching a program, inserting a special character, open a folder, write a chunk of text, launch any command or open a website in the default web browser.

Hotkeys can be set to work only when a certain program is in foreground. This is useful if you want to use some hotkeys (to insert text or special characters) only when you are working with an editor such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer. Similarly, you can prevent some hotkeys to work when a certain program is in the foreground.


Clavier+ is a small portable tool to quickly create hotkeys for use in your Windows PC. It is less than 200 kilobytes and is ideal for your USB pendrive portable programs collection.

You can download Clavier+ from