Convert Any Document into PDF Format Using eDocPrinter PDF Pro

Virtual PDF printers have been available for Windows PC for many many years. These virtual PDF printers are installed on your system in order to convert any document into PDF files easily. Microsoft Windows 10 also comes with a virtual PDF printer of its own that can be used to print any document into a PDF file. However, this Microsoft supplied PDF printer is very basic and does not give many options.

If you want more control and features when converting documents to PDF files, then you will find eDocPrinter PDF Pro very useful. It can be installed and set as default printer in your Windows PC. It supports all versions of Windows starting from XP to 10. Once installed, you can open any document in its associated program and choose to print it.

eDocPrinter PDF Pro

For many applications, you can give the print command just by using the hotkey Ctrl+P. When the print dialog is displayed, you can select eDocPrinter PDF Pro and print the the document. This will result in eDocPrinter PDF Pro virtual PDF printer processing the document and save it as PDF file.

There are many options that can be configured in eDocPrinter PDF Pro properties. For example, you an choose the compression level for many of the objects embedded in a PDF file – colored images, greyscale images, monochrome images and text. You can add password protection for opening, printing or other activities. You can make it embed all of the used fonts so that the PDF appears exactly the same on all platforms.

eDocPrinter PDF Pro

eDocPrinter PDF Pro can automatically detect any URLs inside the document (for example inside a webpage) and can convert them into PDF links. Similarly, it can automatically detect and add bookmarks. You can even add your text or graphics based watermarks to the resulting PDF file.

You can download eDocPrinter PDF Pro from

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  1. It inserts watermark and promo link printed on EVERY page. It’s not freeware – you have to buy it.

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