TNT Screen Capture : Free and Fast Screen Grab Utility for Windows

TNT Screen Capture is an application for taking screenshots in Windows. It was formerly a commercial software but is now available for free for personal use. It makes it easy for anyone to grab the screen and edit it afterwards. According to the developer, it automatically enhances the screenshots and adds photo-realistic touch to make them look better.

It has a very user friendly interface and comes with help files with full documentation. From the side bar, you can choose a capture mode – a window or menu, a free region, or a fixed sized region. After selecting a capture mode, you can simple press the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard or click on the small camera icon in the toolbar to start capturing the screen.

Among the screen capture options, you can change the screen capture shape (rectangle, ellipse, rounded rectangle, paper edge rectangle etc), fade out (fading of screenshot edges), zoom factor, background color, adding sparkle when you click, adding shadows to the image or cursor and more.

TNT Screen Capture

It comes with some basic image editing and annotating tools like adding text, adding callout, paint brush, pen, highlighter, lines, arrows, bucket fill and more. All these tools have advanced features that appear once you drop them on the canvas. For example, after adding callout, you can select its shape, font, text color, text size, opacity, shadow and other settings.

All of the captured screenshots can be saved as images on your local storage. It supports all the popular formats for saving images such as PNG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TGA, and PCX.

TNT Screen Capture has not been updated for some time and is now being given away for free. Unfortunately, it does not support Unicode and you won’t be able to use non-ASCII characters.

You can download TNT Screen Capture from