Greenfish Icon Editor Pro : Create and Edit Icons for Android, macOS and Windows

When you are making apps for mobile devices such as Android smartphones, programs for desktop computers like a Windows PC, or even web apps that run in a web browser, you need some icons for various parts of the apps. Usually, you can either buy the icon packs from professionals or download them for free from the internet (if the icon author allows free usage), but if you want a particular icon that is not available anywhere then you have to create or edit it yourself using a program like Greenfish Icon Editor Pro.

Even though the title of Greenfish Icon Editor Pro suggests that it is an icon editor, it is able to edit all kinds of graphic files including the cursors and other image files. Obviously it contains tools that facilitate editing and creating new icons very quickly and professionally. The icons created by Greenfish Icon Editor Pro can be exported to many different formats suitable for various platforms like Windows, macOS and Android.

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro

If you have a really nice looking image file and you want to create an icon from that file, then Greenfish Icon Editor Pro can do that for you in seconds. You can simply open the image file in it and then select the appropriate option from the “Icon” menu. It can create a Windows icon, a macOS icon or an Android drawable using this feature in seconds.

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro

You can open even the executable binary files that might contain icon or bitmap resources inside them and extract them to separate files using this program. It can be used to convert graphics files from one format to another as well. It can batch convert any open graphics file into cursor files, animated cursor files, apple icon image format, PNG, BMP, JPEG etc.

You can download Greenfish Icon Editor Pro from