Bulk Rename Utility Helps Rename Multiple Files Simultaneously

Bulk Rename Utility is a comprehensive batch rename software that offers many advanced features to accurately rename multiple files in a very short period of time. Instead of manually renaming a large collection of files such as your MP3 music files, your pictures that you took at a wedding or some other event, you can use Bulk Rename Utility to quickly rename them all in a specific pattern or order.

Bulk Rename Utility has a single window interface containing all the fourteen options that it offers. First of all you have to add all the files that you want to rename. You can then move on to the various renaming options – regex replacement, wildcard/text replacement, removal, adding, adding date, numbering, name, change case, move or copy parts of name, append folder name, change extension, use filters, copy or move the files to a specific folder or perform some special operations.

Bulk Rename Utility

In addition to these options, it can also rename the files through the meta information embedded inside them. For example, it can extract EXIF data from JPEG files and ID3 data from MP3 files and use it to rename those files. It also comes with a JavaScript renaming feature which gives you complete control and flexibility of how you want to rename your files but you must be proficient in JavaScript coding for this feature.

Before the actual renaming there is an option to run a simulation of the renaming process that displays you a preview about how it will be renaming all the files. This feature is very useful as it allows you to experiment with different options before actually renaming them.

While all of these renaming options in Bulk Rename Utility are self explanatory and do not need any special help, if you are still confused about something, you can check the comprehensive help file that it comes with. The help file is available in both the standard CHM format and also as a PDF document. It is a good idea to go through this PDF help document before starting to use Bulk Rename Utility.

You can download Bulk Rename Utility from https://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/.