How to Update Logitech Receiver and Keyboard Firmware

Logitech, the Swiss manufacturer of computer peripherals, has always been popular for their robust input devices such as keyboards and mice. My first roller-ball mechanical mouse was from Logitech and now many many years later, I am still using their mouse but this time a cordless mouse.

If you also have a cordless Logitech mouse or keyboard, then you can easily update the firmware of your devices using a special software from Logitech – Firmware Update Tool. This software can automatically detect your devices and update the firmware if needed.

You have to launch the Logitech Firmware Update Tool and then plug-in the wireless receiver of your Logitech device to one of the USB ports of your PC. It will be detected soon and then you will see an option for updating the firmware.

Logitech Firmware Update Tool

If you choose to update the firmware, it will download the latest firmware and flash it to the wireless receiver in a few seconds. While the receiver’s firmware is being upgraded, all the devices connected to it will not work, so you have to wait for the firmware update to finish before you can start using them again. The process is similar in case of Logitech keyboards.

It must be mentioned that not all the Logitech keyboards are supported by this software. It can only upgrade a select number of keyboards and wireless receivers. If you are confused whether your Logitech device is supported or not, then you can simply download the Firmware Update Tool and launch it to see if detects your device. If your device is being detected, then you can try updating it otherwise your device is probably not in the supported device list.

Logitech Firmware Update Tool

Logitech Firmware Update Tool is portable program and needs no installation. It is available separately for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows. It can be used on Windows and Mac computers.

You can download Logitech Firmware Update Tool from