HotCorners : Brings macOS Hot Corners Feature to Windows 10

If you have ever used any Macbook Air, then you already know about the Hot Corners feature. Under macOS, Hot Corners allows you to configure the system so that when you move your mouse cursor to any of the corners of the screen and leave the cursor there, it takes a configured action. Many macOS users use this feature to launch the screensaver or turn off the screen.

Now you can have the same Hot Corners feature in Windows 10, using a free tool called HotCorners. It is available from sourceForge but there is no source-code present on its project page. You have to install it on your Windows 10 PC and then you will be able to configure it.


In the HotCorners use interface, there are four identical sections – one for each of the corners. For each of these corner sections, you can choose an action and sensitivity. The sensitivity decides how long the cursor has to be in the corner for it to launch the action, i.e., how fast it will take the configured action.

From among the actions, you can choose shutdown, log-off, lock, screen-off, task manager or choose a custom program. All the corners can individually be toggled off or on making it possible to use only one or two of the corners if you you don’t desire to make all the corners hot corners.

For HotCorners to work, it has to stay resident in the memory and keep running in the background. It monitors the location of your mouse cursor location all the time. Some security conscious people might not want a third-party app (for which no source code is available in public) to continuously monitor your cursor position. If you miss the Hot Corners feature from macOS, then you can use HotCorners in your Windows PC.

You can download HotCorners for Windows from

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