Manage and Read ePub e-Books in Windows with Next Reader

The way we read books, magazines or newspapers has completely changed  during the last couple of decades. Now we access them online through websites, through apps on smartphones, or download them in the ePub format. If you have eBooks in the popular ePub format, then you will be find Neat Reader very useful. It is a Windows application using which you can read ePub eBooks on your PC and it also allows you manage the eBooks by placing them under different categories.

Neat Reader is available not only for Windows, but it also works on other popular platforms like macOS, Android, iOS and it also has a web app. It comes with cloud storage option so that you can keep all of your ePub books on the cloud and then access them from any of your device. This way you can open and read ePub files on any platform and experience a seamless reading experience.

Next Reader

Neat Reader for Windows is designed using the Electron framework and has a very eye pleasing interface. You can start adding your ePub books to Neat Reader either by dragging-n-dropping them onto its window or by clicking on the blue colored “Add” button. It parses all sorts of ePub files without any problem and displays their cover and title in the list. For all of the eBooks, it keeps a track of how many pages you have read, when was the last time you read that books and also comes with other features like adding notes, searching for boooks, customized read settings per device or book.

You do not need a Neat Reader account for reading ePub books stored locally on your hard drive. But for uploading them on the cloud and other features you will need a free Neat Reader account.

You can download Next Reader ePub Reader from