Similarity Finds Duplicate Image and Sound Files in Windows

Similarity is a Windows application that can be used to find and remove duplicate files from your hard drive. The application is specially designed to scan for the duplicate media files (image and sound files). It uses special algorithm to find the exact duplicates or near duplicates of images and sound files. This means that even if the file hashes are different and the image files have been edited a little (for example, rotated or resized), it will detect the visually similar duplicates. In the same manner, it can find the sound files that have a very similar audio fingerprint.

Similarity has a tabbed user interface. In the first tab “Folders”, you have to select one or more folders that you wish to scan for duplicate files. You can also select an entire partition, for example, you can choose your pendrive or SD card containing all of your media files. As you click on the play button to scan the folders, it will start populating other tabs with results.


Under the Audio and Images tabs, you will find the duplicate sound and image files respectively. identical files are displayed grouped together by numbers. It can show the similarity match by content, tags and by experiment. You can decide whether the files that it is showing to be similar are actually identical files or not. The duplicates found are clearly displayed, can be played back and, if desired, deleted with one click.


Similarity offers many more features in the premium paid version. For example, in the premium version it can find precise identical audio files even if they are different format or length. It also can use your GPU power to speed up the scanning of the identical files. Using this small and fast duplicate finding tool, you can get rid of all the low quality and duplicate audio files from your MP3 collection.

You can download Similarity from