Memorize Long Numbers Easily with 010 Memorizer

It happens to all of us that we just get off the phone and then we instantly forget the number that the caller had just told us. If you are having trouble memorizing long numbers whether it is telephone numbers, mobile numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, ZIP codes, PIN codes etc., then you need the help of 010 Memorizer.

010 Memorizer follows a simple system of conversion between the digits and letters. These letters can then be formed into words and phrases for easy memorization of long numbers. For example, “deaf rearing rare honolulu wowing” means 1-844-244-2522. Since the words form a picture in the mind they are easy to remember compared to meaningless numbers.

010 Memorizer

In the user interface of 010 Memorizer, you can enter a number (for example, a phone number) and it will show a list from which you can select a combination of words for making an easy-to-remember phrase. And if you find it difficult to choose the words, you can click on the “Random Phrase” button so that it will auto-select the words and create the phrase for you.

010 Memorizer

When it comes to deciphering the phrases, you can either follow the digit to letter convention which is based on the shape or pronunciation of the digits in English. For example, 0 (zero) is represented by z or s, 1 (shaped like a long line) is represented by t, d, or h  etc. This mapping of letters with numbers is available from the application interface itself.

010 Memorizer

For smaller numbers or phrases, you can perhaps do the whole deciphering yourself in your mind. But if it is a little longer, then you can decipher the phrase into number using 010 Memorizer. You can simply type in the word and it will show you the number.

010 Memorizer

010 Memorizer can definitely help you memorize all those big numbers that we often forget in seconds. By turning numbers into words, we can memorize any number through 010 Memorizer.

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