Change for How Long Vivaldi Saves Your Browsing History

When you use your web browser to visit website, it saves some of the web content to your local hard drive for later use. Because of this browsing cache, your browser does not have to download the same web content for the same webpage over and over again – saving time and internet bandwidth while making your browsing experience much smoother. But all the web content has a time period after which it expires and must be downloaded again. The expiry time is decided by the web server and the web browser has no control over it.

In case of the Vivaldi web browser, you can choose for how long Vivaldi web browser retains your web browsing history. By default, it saves your browsing history for only three months which is actually ideal for most of the web users. But if you want to change this time duration, make it longer or shorter, then you can do so is easily through Vivaldi settings:

  1. Launch Vivaldi browser in your desktop computer. Click on Vivaldi icon near the top-left corner, select Tools and then Settings. Alternatively, you can also press the hotkey Ctrl+F12 for the same effect.Vivaldi Browsing History
  2. In the settings window, select the Privacy section from the left side.
  3. Under the Save Browsing History, you can select for how long the browsing history has to be saved – for the single session only, for one day, for one week, for one month, for three months, for six months, for one year or forever.Vivaldi Browsing History

If you choose to save the browsing history for a single session only then the browsing history will be cleared as soon as the browser is closed. On the other hand, choosing “forever” will make it retain the history until you manually clean the history yourself using the inbuilt tools inside Vivaldi or an external tool like CCleaner.