Record Skype Conversations with MP3 Skype Recorder

All Windows users know about Skype because now it comes pre-installed with Windows 10.  Whether you use it or not, Skype is always there in the notification area of Windows 10 desktop. If you sign-in using a Microsoft account then you also sign-in to Skype account since it also uses Microsoft account.

Skype can be used to talk with other Skype users or to chat with them over text messages. But if you buy a subscription then you can use Skype to call any phone or mobile number in the world. The call quality is very good and it connects instantly to any mobile network. They also offer cheaper subscription packages if you want to call only a particular country, for example, Philippines or India. Moreover, you can buy a phone number for temporary use in Skype.

When using Skype to make calls in Windows, if you want to record your phone calls and same them as MP3 audio files, then you can use MP3 Skype Recorder. It is a free software that does exactly what it says and it works with all types of Skype – Skype Classic, Skype App for Windows, Skype for Desktop, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Teams.

MP3 Skype Recorder

After the installation, it gets to work right away. Perhaps you might have to do is change the recording device setting in Windows or Skype. It will start recording your Skype calls whenever you receive a call from someone or when you call someone over Skype. The phone calls are saved as MP3 audio files in the user profile folder.

In the settings for MP3 Skype Recorder, you can change the MP3 settings (bit rate, sampling rate, stereo mode), notification settings (whether you are notified of new recordings), make it auto-start with Windows, change the folder where MP3 files are saved and more.

You can download MP3 Skype Recorder from