Soft4Boost Dup File Finder : Finds Identical Files in Windows

Whether you were forgetfully download the same file many times or you make copies of a file for your project, somehow we all end up having multiple copies of the same file, in other words, having duplicate files or identical files. Since we need only one of these files, rest of the copies of the original files are basically taking up space on your hard drive for no useful reason.

The problem is that these duplicate files could be all over your hard drive in different folders and could be present under different file names. This is why finding these duplicate files manually is simply impossible. You have to use a software like Soft4Boost Dup File Finder to find these duplicate files.

Soft4Boost Dup File Finder can scan your hard drive for identical files. It can find identical files based on their content or their file names. When it finds identical  files based on just their file names, the actual files could be different. But when it finds identical files based on their content, it matches their file hash making it much more accurate.

Soft4Boost Dup File Finder

You have to pick a folder or drive that you want to scan, you have to choose whether identical filenames are to be considered, you can narrow down the search based on file types (such as images, audio files, video files, archives, applications, documents) and you also have to choose removal method (send the duplicate files to the Recycle Bin or delete them directly).

The search results are shown in a list and the duplicate files are grouped together. You can decide which files are to be deleted and which are to be kept. Typically, you can select all the duplicate files except one from the each group. Clicking on the “Fix Problems” button removes the selected duplicate files.

Dup File Finder is free and searches identical files very fast. But it lacks a feature that helps you quickly select all the files but one from the each group. It also does not offer to backup the files before removing them. Your only chance of recovery is through the Recycle Bin.

You can download Soft4Boost Dup File Finder from