Recover Deleted Pictures Easily with MiniTool Photo Recovery

MiniTool Photo Recovery is a data recovery software using which you can easily restore your deleted pictures, music and video files. It can work with all kinds of storage devices and recover your files without any problems. Whether it is your digital camera, your smartphone, microSD card, USB pendrive, external hard drive or internal computer storage, MiniTool Photo Recovery can be used to recover your lost media files.

MiniTool Photo Recovery has a very easy-to-follow user interface. Before you launch the recovery software, you have to ensure that the storage device is attached to your PC. If it is a USB pendrive or SD card, you should attach it to directly your PC. Using a USB extension device or router is not recommended because some of those devices do not give full access to the external storage devices.

MiniTool Photo Recovery

After selecting a storage device, you can start the scanning process. It instantly displays the lost files it has found on the selected storage media. But it keeps scanning more and more files in the background and keeps adding them to the list of found files. All the listed files are categorized according to their file type such as JPEG, PNG, MP4 Video, MPEG Audio, Wave Sound, BMP, etc. You can select the files that you want to recover and then click on the Save button.

MiniTool Photo Recovery

In the free version, you can restore only a maximum of up to 200 megabytes. To remove this limitation, you must upgrade to the paid version. Three type of paid versions are available – Personal, Deluxe and Ultimate. The cost of Personal paid version is only US $49.

MiniTool Photo Recovery is very fast and thorough media recovery software which is ideal for restoring deleted photo, video and music files. It can come handy when you have lost your media files for any reason on any type of storage device.

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