Automate Mouse Actions in Windows with Move Mouse

Move Mouse is a Windows app that can automate many mouse actions for you. One of the uses of this app is to avoid Windows getting into idle state. Once Windows notices that you have not used any of your input devices (keyboard, mouse, touchpad, touchscreen, tablet pen etc) for a while, then it gets into idle state and takes some steps depending on your system configuration such as turning off the screen, defragmenting the hard drive and more. With the help of Move Mouse, you can automate moving of the mouse cursor (thereby generating a fake input event) and prevent Windows from entering the idle state.

Move Mouse is definitely not limited to just moving the mouse cursor randomly every few minutes, rather there are many different actions that be automated some of which are not even mouse related. For example, you can change the position of the cursor, you can make it click the mouse, you can activate a certain application window, you can run any command and any PowerShell script. Obviously for running the commands or PowerShell scripts, you must have proper user permissions depending on the kinds of commands you are trying to run.

Move Mouse

You can add one or more actions in Move Mouse. In the behavior section of Move Mouse, you can choose how often these actions should be run. You can choose to run them every few minutes or completely randomly. It can suspend the Move Mouse actions whenever it detects user input activity (when you use the keyboard or mouse). It can auto-resume the actions when it detects a few minutes of inactivity.

Move Mouse

Move Mouse is available as a Windows 10 app. If you do not want so many features and just want a simple mouse program to avoid Windows from going idle, then you can take a look as Mouse Jiggler or Auto Mouse Mover.

You can install Move Mouse in Windows 10 through Microsoft Store by visiting