Akvis Magnifier AI Helps with Lossless Enlargement of Pictures

So many of the pictures available on the internet are in the JPEG format. If you try to download a wallpaper for your Windows desktop, then chances are high that it will be in the JPEG image format (even though Windows can use many different image formats as the desktop background). Similarly, the pictures snapped using your smartphone camera are saved in the JPEG image format.

Problem with JPEG images is that they are already compressed too much. If you try to enlarge or zoom or blow-up a JPEG image then most probably you will end up with a distorted, unclear or pixelated picture. A solution to this problem has arrived with the advancement in the artificial intelligence. In fact, you can use he AI based plugin called “Akvis Magnifier AI” on your computer to leverage the power of AI to enlarge any image without sacrificing the quality to a degree.

Akvis Magnifier AI

Akvis Magnifier AI is available for both Windows and macOS. In both cases, it is being distributed as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop as well as a standalone program for both of the supported platforms. In either case it works the same. Because it uses AI, it is unusually large for a plugin – for Windows, the downloaded file is more than 500MB in size.

Akvis Magnifier AI

In case of the standalone version, it comes with many useful tools and features that allow you to have full control over how the image is processed and enhanced. You can open an image and choose to magnify at a larger zoom level. The controls such as smoothness and resolution allow you to decide how the magnification is done. It shows realtime changes made in two frames side by side – the before state of the image and the after state after editing.

Akvis Magnifier AI is not free and requires a big amount of money for the license. But you can download  a10-day trial version and use it to find out how it works and whether it is something you would want to use.

You can download Akvis Magnifier AI from https://akvis.com/en/magnifier/index.php.