Clean Junk and Boost Performance of Android Devices with Nero TuneItUp

Nero, the trustworthy firm that has produced all kinds of useful software for many decades, has now come up with app for Android devices called “Nero TuneItUp”. This app can be used to clean the junk files, unnecessary files, speed up the system, delete the traces, and more. This app can make a difference if your Android smartphone is becoming sluggish because you have installed too many apps. It can also help you in the situations when you are failing to install any newer apps because your phone has run out of storage space. If your phone has been heating up too much, then “Nero TuneItUp” can close down the background processes to both save the battery charge and cool down the phone.

“Nero TuneItUp” has a very simple user interface with all the features that can be selected from the home screen – Speed Up System, Clean Up Storage, and Delete Traces. Depending on which feature you choose, it takes you to the next screen where you are given more options. It explains everything during all the steps even though not much explanation is needed.

nero TuneItUp

The “Speed Up System” module can be used to close all the background processes that could be slowing down your smartphone. It shows you a list of all the apps that have been using the battery charge and you can choose to shutdown these apps at the tap of a button. All the processes and apps closed down like this will be restarted if they are needed but then they won’t consume too many of your system resources.

The “Clean Up Storage” module can help you remove unimportant data, garbage data, app data, WhatsApp files, downloaded files, large files, and more. It can also be used to compress large images into smaller ones without losing the quality that much and to uninstall various apps that you have installed but never really use.

The “Delete Traces” feature can remove the browsing history from many web browser apps that are installed on your device. It supports Firefox, Chrome, Opera and other browsers. It can also remove other traces such as location data collected through the GPS feature of Android.

“Nero TuneItUp” is a really great all-around cleaning app for Android. It even offers widgets that can be placed on the home screen of Android for one-tap quick cleaning. We recommend it for all the Android users.

You can get the “Nero TuneItUp” from