Ant Movie Catalog : Free Movie DVD or Blu-ray Management Software

Ant Movie Catalog is a free software created to efficiently manage your collection of movies no matter what kind of media they are stored on – CD, DVD, video tapes, Blu-ray, or anything else. It is great for making a database of all the movie titles that you own for personal use. It can also serve as a great way to manage all the movie titles available for rental or sale in a movie store. It can even be used to keep a track of all the movies that you have watched so far.

Ant Movie Catalog is available both as an installable software as well as a portable program. It looks very daunting in the beginning but you will find it very easy to use in a few minutes. It comes with two sample databases that you can load to see the examples. You can create as many databases as you like for many different reasons for example one database for newer movies, another for silent-era movies and so on.

Ant Movie Catalog

You can start adding movie titles one by one to your database. At first it appears that you have to manually add all the values for a movie title yourself. But Ant Movie Catalog comes with hundreds of scripts that can be used to automatically download and fill up all the values from the internet. There are scripts to download information and images from IMDB which works for all the Hollywood movies. The scripts make everything very easy and can download information for multiple movies in a matter of seconds.

Ant Movie Catalog

Ant Movie Catalog is a very small and lightweight movie management software that comes with the feature of managing the loaning of the movies. It is ideal for movie buffs, movie hoarders and movie stores alike.

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