Epic Games Store Giveaway : World War Z

World War Z is a movie starring Hollywood star Brad Pitt and is about a fictional war that is fought between the hoards of zombies and the remaining human beings. The movie was released  in 2013 and was an instant success. Many years later a game of the same name was released in 2019 and has the exactly the same story line as the movie. And now this game is being given away by Epic Games Store.

The World War Z is a multiplayer game and allows four players to enjoy the zombie action at the same. It is cooperative game so you can have a group of four friends helping each other go through the massive swarms of raving zombies. And these zombies are not those slow moving stupid zombies either. These are very fast moving zombies who rush upon their preys in a matter of seconds. This is a very fast faces, heart pounding, thriller game and in my opinion even better than watching the movie.

World War Z

The only objective of your team when playing World War Z is to survive while wading through the scariest pack of zombies you have ever seen. These zombies are everywhere, in all the cities and no part of the world has stayed safe. You can play story-driven campaigns and also play against other survivor teams while fighting the zombies at the same time.

World War Z is a really well designed zombie apocalypse game. It has all the elements – hoards of scary and fast moving zombies, huge maps to explore and hide from the zombies, and multiplayer cooperative game modes.

You can claim a free copy of the zombie madness game “World War Z” by visiting https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/world-war-z/home, signing in to your Epic Games store account and then clicking on the Get button which should add the game title to your library for free. The giveaway will last until 2nd April 2020.