Anti-Twin : Smart and Portable Duplicate Files Finder

Anti-Twin is a portable duplicate files finding application for Windows. It can find duplicate files based on their names, file size, or by their content. It is available both as a portable program and as installable software for Windows. It works on all computers starting from Windows 98 (if you still have any PC running it) to the latest version of Windows 10.

Anti-Twin does not come with any help file and the developer asks you to read their website for any help needed. But the program is designed so well that you won’t need any help at all. At each step, it shows you tips and legends helping you make the most of this software.

The program can search for duplicate files in one folder. But you can also use this program in another way – for comparing the files of two folders, in which case you have to add two folders. In both cases, you can specify filters for files, whether to search sub-folders recursively or search for a specific file or file pattern.


The search of duplicate files can be done in two ways too. It can perform a matching of file names or file sizes. In the second method, it matches the file content using either a byte-by-byte or pixel comparison. In both methods, you can choose how much similarity you want it to find – complete match (100% identical) or less.

After the scanning, the results are displayed with identical files grouped together. The files are also color coded so that you can visually see which of the files will be deleted and which won’t. Basically green files are not deleted or moved while red files are to be deleted.


Anti-Twin is an amazing duplicate files scanner and removal software. It works smoothly and does not hog your system resources. We tried using it on Windows 98 running inside VirtualBox and also on Windows 10 version 1909 – in both cases, it performed really well.

You can download Anti-Twin from