Notepads is Open-Source Feature Rich Text Editor for Windows

Notepads is a Windows 10 universal app that brings many features and a nice looking appearance. It is open-source and is available both from its GitHub page and from Microsoft store. If you download it from Microsoft Store then you can install it in the normal manner but if you download it from GitHub then you will have to take a few extra steps before it is installed and you can use it.

After downloading it from its GitHub page, you have to extract the contents to a folder. Then you can right-click on the Install.ps1 file and select Run with PowerShell. This will launch Windows PowerShell, copy files and install the Windows app files in your PC. The app can then be launches from Start menu by typing “notepads”. You will also find an installation guide in the PDF format in the compressed archive to give you some basic instructions.

Notepads App for Windows 10

Notepads appears to be designed for the programmers at first glance. But once you start using it, you will realize that it can become your universal text editor for any purpose. It loads files really very fast and can be used for casual note taking or editing text files quickly.

Notepads can be customized to look as you prefer. It comes with dark or light modes or can use the Windows theme that you have set in the Windows settings. Background tint and colors can be changes manually. The user interface is tabbed and you can open multiple files at the same time just like in Notepad++.

Notepads App for Windows 10

Notepads is designed to look cute but at the same time great functionality. It is certainly better than the old Microsoft Notepad application. The developer mentions that it is still being developed so perhaps we can see more features or improvements in the near future.

You can download Notepads from