How to Add Text Comments in JPEG Images Easily

A few years ago you had to pack your digital camera when going out for special events like birthday celebrations, family picnics or wedding ceremonies so that you can capture your moments and preserve them for future. But now smartphones come with such powerful cameras that using a digital camera is thing left only for the professionals or photography enthusiasts.

No matter which device you are using to capture pictures, point and shoot digital camera, DSLR or smartphone camera, chances are that the pictures will be saved in the popular JPEG format. You can add comments to these JPEG pictures so that you know what was happening in those pictures when going through them many years later. Here is how:

Using XNView Classic:

  1. Download and install XNView Classic if not already done so. The minimal version of XNView Classic is enough for JPEG comments.
  2. Launch XNView Classic and select the JPEG picture in the image browser on the right-side.Add Text Comment to JPEG Pictures
  3. Click on the Properties icon in the toolbar. Alternatively, you can use the hotkey Alt+Enter.
  4. In the Properties window, under Image tab, you can add text comment and click on OK to save it.Add Text Comment to JPEG Pictures

Using FastStone Image Viewer:

  1. Download and install FastStone Image Viewer in your PC. You can also use the portable version of FastStone Image Viewer.
  2. Launch FastStone Image Viewer and select the JPEG picture in the image browser on the right-side.Add Text Comment to JPEG Pictures
  3. Select Edit → JPEG Comment from the menubar. Alternatively, you can just press T.
  4. In the JPEG Comment window, you can add a text comment and it will be saved inside that JPEG image file.Add Text Comment to JPEG Pictures

Adding text comments to your pictures is very similar to writing on the back of the photographs developed from film camera or printed by a photo studio. You can use this method to write who are in those pictures, where the picture was taken, the time it was taken and anything special or funny about that picture. Comments added to JPEG pictures can be read by all the popular Image Viewers including IrfanView and XNView Classic and others.

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  1. 2 points – XNView won’t accept any input in the comment field. Fast Stone Image Viewer does. OK, so now I’ve got comments on jpgs – how do I see the image and the comment on the screen together – seen the image and go get the properties won’t work.

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