Epic Games Store Giveaway : Slow Paced Adventure Game “Mutazione”

Epic Games Store is giving away a game called “Mutazione” this week. This indie game is very slow and takes you on a unique adventure much like a movie “The Book of Eli” in which Denzel Washington played the leading role. Just like the movie, this game is also set in an post-apocalyptic world. This game will disappoint you if you are looking for big action game. It is more of a slow game where you have to have some patience as the story unfolds and you become familiar with your new surroundings. You must have an explorer inside you to really enjoy this game.

In Mutazione (French word for Mutation), you play a teenager named Kai. You go on a journey to visit your grandfather in a town called Mutazione where mutated people live. Even the plants are mutated. Your grandfather is ailing from a sickness and you have to tend to him in his old age. During your visit to this town you meet many new characters and attend various events.


While the town looks like a regular town during the everyday hustle bustle, there are some secrets and mysteries hidden in this town. As you explore this town and talk to people, you will discover many more of these mysteries. In your dreams, you have a bird that is trying to tell you of something. Some people resent your visit and they are plotting a plan against your while showing a friendly face on the exterior.

This game is a single player game and the graphics show a bit of gloomy tone (perhaps because of post-apocalyptic surroundings). The game can also take very depressing turn as people start telling about their devastated lives when their city was destroyed by a large meteor.

To claim your free copy of Mutazione, you can visit Epic Games Store at https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/mutazione/home. The giveaway will last until 19th March, 2020.