How to Clear Recent PDF Files Opened in Sumatra PDF Reader

Sumatra PDF Reader is perhaps the fastest PDF reader application for Windows. Unlike some other PDF reader software, it does not bother you with unnecessary things and keeps things very minimal. Because of this Sumatra PDF Reader is rapidly becoming a very popular software for the Windows users. It is designed to use very less amount of system RAM and this is why it is also great for relatively older computers.

When you open a PDF document in Sumatra PDF Reader it is added to the recent files menu in Sumatra PDF Reader. If you do not want it to save these recently opened PDF files in the menu, then you can change the settings for Sumatra PDF Reader and uncheck Remember opened files before saving the settings. This will not only prevent it from saving the opened files in the menu, but will also clear the history of recently opened files.

Clear Recent Files in Sumatra PDF Reader

But what if you want to manually clear the list of recently opened files in Sumatra PDF Reader without disabling any of the options? For that, you can follow these easy steps:

  1. Launch Sumatra PDF Reader, click on menu icon and select Settings → Advanced Options. It will open the advanced settings in Windows Notepad (or any text editor that you have set as default app for opening .TXT files in your PC).Clear Recent Files in Sumatra PDF Reader
  2. Find the section FileStates and remove it completely from the settings file. The section begins and ends with square brackets.Clear Recent Files in Sumatra PDF Reader
  3. After removing the FileStates section, save the settings file and you have cleared all the history of recently opened PDF files from Sumatra PDF Reader.

As you can see, the first method is much simpler but the second method allows you to manually remove all the history of recently opened PDF documents without having to disable any features of Sumatra PDF Reader.