Keep Your Android Smartphones Junk Free with Cleaner by Augustro

These days Android smartphones are pretty impressive and can easily compete with Apple iPhone head to head. Some of the newer Android smartphones not only have huge storage space but they come with powerful processing power and a monster battery that can last for days. But no matter how large the storage space capacity of a phone is, it gets filled up with a lot of unnecessary files and other garbage in a matter of few months.

And when your smartphone’s storage capacity if full to the brim, it throws up all sorts of error. You cannot save any new pictures or videos. And you cannot even install any new app or the updates to the already installed apps. Fortunately, we can get rid of all the junk files and other unnecessary files using Cleaner by Augustro.

This smart app can scan your Android device and find out the space hogs like apps cache, log files, thumbnail cache, empty directories, obsolete APK files, junk files saved from macOS, Linux or Windows, .DAT files downloaded by games and temporary files.

Cleaner by Augustro

In the settings you can choose to make it automatically run the cleaning process when the device storage is filled to a capacity of 75%, 80%, 85%, 90% and so on. It can also be run automatically when the total junk files reach a size of 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB etc. When you restart your Android phone, it can automatically clean all the junk so that your phone runs optimally without any storage problems.

Cleaner by Augustro is an install, set and forget type of app. Once you have configured it to clean certain types of files and when to auto-clean the junk files, it will keep cleaning the junk files automatically without any manual action required from the user.

You can get Cleaner by Augustro for Android from Google Play store at