Epic Games Store Giveaway : Offworld Trading Company

Epic Games Store is giving away a new game Offworld Trading Company this week. This giveaway will be active starting from March 5th, 2020 to March 12th, 2020. It is an economy strategy game that is designed by the same designer who was behind another popular strategy game called Civilization IV.

Offworld Trading Company may seem like other strategy games like the Civilization series or SimCity 3000 but it comes with a different spin to the usual strategy games. In Offworld Trading Company, you are working on the planet Mars. The red planet has been successfully colonized and now their is power struggle to control the newly established Martian markets.

The corporate giants that dominated Earth are now trying to take over the new markets. You have to not only survive in the new colony but also setup your business there. As the game proceeds, your business progresses and expands in a larger area.

Offworld Trading Company

Since Mars has been colonized fairly recently, you have access to all sorts of resources available on the planet. There are more than a dozen natural resources like water, iron, carbon, aluminum, silicon, etc. You have to use these basic resources to build other things. For example, you can build a power plant and then use the power and iron ore to make steel. This steel can be used for construction of buildings and other machinery. Silicon, carbon and aluminum can be used to mass produce electronics components.

It is a multiplayer game and allows up to a maximum of eight different players to engage in the game play at the same time. It is available for Windows PC only through this giveaway on Epic Games Store. The game can be further enhanced using many available add-ons.

You can claim this week’s game giveaway from Epic Games Store by visiting https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/offworld-trading-company/home.