Replace Windows 10 Start Menu with Fast and Efficient Start Menu X

There are many Start Menu replacement software available these days that work very well in Windows 10 and provide either a different user interface or more features than Microsoft’s own Start Menu. Start Menu X is one of such third-party Start Menu replacements available for Windows 10 and offers three looks – classic Start Menu, Start Menu for Windows 10 or its own unique Start Menu X style.

After the installation of Start Menu X, it takes over the Windows logo key that is used to show the Start Menu. This means that now if you press the Windows logo key on your keyboard, Start Menu X will show up instead f the built-in Windows Start Menu. You can still use the native Start Menu by pressing the hotkey Shift + Win.

Start Menu X

In the settings of Start Menu X, you can choose to use a third-party icon for Start button which superimposes the usual Start icon. It offers many funny icons including some famous characters from the popular game “Angry Birds”. Even though it does not let the user choose a custom icon, the given icons are very nice and animated. For example, the pig icon (from Angry Birds) for the Start button closes its eyes half-way when you hover the mouse cursor over it and closes them completely when you click on it.

Start Menu X

You can also choose a skin for the Start Menu X itself. There are many skins such as Classic, Crystal Graphite, Crystal Graphite Black, Windows 10, Windows Metro, Windows Spring, Windows Summer, or Christmas. Similarly, there are many styles for the Start Menu such as Start Menu X, Classic Start Menu, Start Menu 10 etc.

Start Menu X

Start Menu X can be integrated with the Windows system so that it is launched automatically with Windows startup, it is shown when a user presses the Win key on their keyboard or assign some hotkeys for carrying out various actions such as shutting down or logging off the computer.

You can download Start Menu X from