ImBatch : Free Batch Image Processing Software for Windows

Sometimes we have to edit and make changes to a single image such as removing some parts or adding a border. But other times we have to make changes to a large set of pictures such as adding a watermark. When you have to make the same or similar changes in your pictures such as resizing or watermarking, then you can use the batch image processing software like ImBatch.

ImBatch is a free and powerful batch image processing software for Windows. It requires just three steps and you can process thousands of images in a few seconds or minutes. In its user interface, you have to begin by adding the pictures, or folders containing the images. In the second step, you can add the tasks that you want to perform on those images. And finally you can run the processing and it will take care of the rest.


Among the tasks that can be added for batch processing, there are tasks to annotate, to change colors, add effects, save them in different formats, select or crop the images, transform or rotate them, add or remove metadata such as EXIF, rename files and more. Tasks are processed in the same order as they are added so you can carefully order the tasks for a particular effect.

When you have to perform the same set of tasks over and over again, you can save the setup as a BSV file. You can later open this file in ImBatch and all of your tasks in the same order will be automatically added. This saves you from adding the tasks each time you want to use ImBatch.

ImBatch is certainly a great batch image processing software that does everything you would expect from a regular image editor. It supports a large number of image formats and can perform all the tasks in just a few seconds.

You can download ImBatch from