Retouch Your Pictures with Free PT Photo Editor

Back in the old days of film cameras, there was not much emphasis on editing the pictures after developing them. But now editing the pictures is as important as snapping them. Photography students have to learn both parts using different devices and software. This is because no matter how good a photographer you are, there are some things that need some editing to make the pictures look a little better. For example, if you get red eyes or skin blemishes, then a quick touch up with a software like PT Photo Editor can make your photos look better.

PT Photo Editor is a free and powerful photo editor that can be used to refine all of  our photos and eliminate all the usual problems that we might encounter – blemishes, red eyes, curvature, noise and more. There are so many presets and effects that make for one-click improvement of the picture quality.

Free PT Photo Editor

The program will easily and quickly improve our color levels, remove imperfections, correct underexposed or overexposed areas, improve quality, sharpen a photo or de-noise the pictures. There are tools for rotating picture, flipping horizontally or vertically, cloning parts of the pictures, etc. There are many special tools for removing unwanted objects from a photo, lasso selection tool, brush effect, gradient tool and many others that will allow you to create a perfect photo.

In order to see how much your pictures have changed through all the editing, you can enable the view mode for displaying both the original and the modified pictures side by side. This can help you stop if your editing is changing the original photo too much.

Free PT Photo Editor

PT Photo Editor comes with a batch picture editor. It can be used to edit multiple images in one go. It can resize the images,  rotate them, convert them to a different file format, or for renaming the files. In the free edition of PT Photo Editor, files can be saved only to TIFF, JPEG and PNG format.


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