SparkoCam Enhances WebCam Video with Effects and Green Screen

SparkoCam is a software for adding special effects to your webcam which allows you to change the background of your live webcam feed using a green screen. Using this software you can easily use any of the popular DSLR cameras from Canon and Nikon as regular USB based webcam.

SparkoCam can be a great asset for gamers who stream their live webcam over Twitch or Youtube. It works with all sorts of webcams if they can be recognized by Windows. And you can get really high definition webcam video using your existing DSLR camera. You can start simply by attaching your DSLR camera to your PC using a simple USB data cable, the rest is handled by SparkoCam.


Among the various effects and features offered by SparkoCam are:

  1. Green screen – For this you must have a green colored background which can be your green wallpaper behind you. SparkoCam quickly replaces the green background with a selected image in real-time.
  2. Split webcam streams – If you want to use your webcam in more than applications then it is usually not possible. But with the help of SparkoCam, you can split the webcam stream into multiple paths that can be used by any application running in Windows.
  3. Virtual webcam – Even if you don’t have a real webcam, you can use your videos files or images and stream them as webcam using the virtual webcam feature of SparkoCam.
  4. Desktop capture and streaming – Instead of streaming the video output from your webcam, you can capture the Windows desktop activity and stream it through SparkoCam. It will display whatever you are doing on your computer which is great for tutorials etc.
  5. 3D anaglyph video – It can generate 3D video and stream it through SparkoCam. This type of video can be watched only using anaglyph red-blue glasses and show a slight 3D depth into the video.

Other than these, SparkoCam also has many other effects, objects and animations using which you can make your webcam stream look much more interesting. We tested SparkoCam using the inbuilt webcam in a laptop and it performed very well without any delay. The software displays a watermark if it is not registered.

You can download SparkoCam from