Sumo Paint : Powerful Online Image Editing App

Some time ago we posted about the best alternatives to Microsoft Paint for Windows 10 in which we discussed briefly about various offline software for image editing that can be used in place of Microsoft Paint. But if you do not want to install offline software for editing images for any reason (sometimes we don’t have permission to install offline software on a Windows PC), then you can use a web app called Sumo Paint which offers you all the usual image editing tools that you will find in any offline image editor.

Sumo Paint is a web app and you can use any modern web browser like Google Chrome to access and start using it. All you have to do is visit and it will be ready for your use. The older version of Sumo Pain requires Adobe Flash Player but there is a new HTML 5 based app too. In addition, you can also download the same app for offline use.

Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint offers layer based editing with multiple undo actions. You can add new layers, merge layers, flatten layers, rotate or flip layers, and more. It offers over 35 different tools for image manipulation including 3D effects, blurring, distortion, edge detection, noise, light effects, pixelate, sharpen, stylize, texture, etc.

Sumo Paint can be used in the full-screen mode and allows you to open multiple images in different tabs of its own. It allows you to open image files from your computer, from Sumo File, from a URL, or from to previously locally saved file. Similarly, your images can be saved to local storage, to a Sumo File, to cloud and more. It can open JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, ICO, SVG and many other mainstream image file formats.

You can start using Sumo Paint through your web browser by visiting