Movavi Photo Editor : Easy-to-Use Feature Rich Photo Editing Software

Movavi Photo Editor is a photo editing software for making adjustments to your freshly snapped photos. You can use it to enhance your photographs dramatically as it supports AI (artificial intelligence) based editing. The software is available only for Windows and macOS.

Change personal appearance in seconds

This AI powered photo editor can change your personal appearance in just a few clicks. For example, you can change the lipstick color, change your eye color, make eyelashes extra long, change hair color, remove skin blemishes and more – all without any painful editing.

Quickly fix older photographs

If you have inherited some very old photographs from a relative then chances are that those old photographs are scratched or damaged in many places. You do not have to spend tons of money to hire a specialist and get them fixed. You can use Movavi Photo Editor to fix all these older photographs in a few minutes. It can remove noise, smoothen folds and even add color to the old black-and-white photographs.

Movavi Photo Editor

Remove unwanted objects with ease

If some people are objects came in your way when you were taking the photographs, then you can easily remove these using Movavi Photo  Editor. Through the use of a number of selection tools, you can quickly select the unwanted items and remove them smoothly. There is also the stamp tool that can copy one area of your photo to another for the same effect.

Adjust and enhance your photos

Unlike other photo editors, Movavi Photo Editor uses AI to improve the visual quality of your pictures. It can automatically enrich colors and contrast of your photos in just one click. The colors become vibrant and can be further adjusted using a number of filters available in the software.


Movavi Photo Editor is a great companion software for all the photography professionals and enthusiasts. It helps you quickly edit, enhance and adjust your photos to make them look much better. The software uses artificial intelligence for saving your time as well as making finer adjustments in seconds.

You can download trial version of Movavi Photo Editor from