Zim is Open-Source Desktop Wiki Application

Zim is an open-source desktop Wiki application for Windows and many Linux flavors including Ubuntu. Just like the popular Wikipedia interface, you can add, edit and remove all types of content in your own local wiki using Zim. You can use it to store all types of information, articles and other things.

When you launch Zim, it automatically creates a new page and you can go on to edit it, add new information and save it to your hard drive. You can also create new pages by clicking on the “new note” button, by writing a CamelCase name in any note or by linking to a new page that has not yet been created.

Formatting and editing of the text is done more in a WordPress like manner. You can use the keyboard shortcuts to markup the text, you can use some markup syntax for this or you can use the toolbar and menubar shortcuts for editing the text. In a similar manner, you can insert images, lists, attachments and more.


Zim can be used for storing all kinds of information, your grocery lists, new ideas, books, notes, bookmarks, messages, drafts for articles and more. Since you can edit it easily and insert links or images, it becomes a very useful tool for everyday blogging.

If you want to publish your wiki online then you can export all of your information to HTML files. It also comes with an in-built web server. You can configure start the web server and then check your wiki from any web browser. This way your personal wiki can also be accessed from a remote computer.


Zim is available for Ubuntu and also for many other Linux flavors like Debian Fedora and Arch Linux. For Windows users, it is available in two formats –  as a setup installer and also as a portable application. The portable version can be kept in your USB pendrive and used from almost any Windows PC, making it very productive tool for storing instructions, pass phrases or screenshots for computer technicians.

You can download Zim from https://www.zim-wiki.org/.