Ant Renamer : Free Batch File/Folder Renamer Tool for Windows

Ant Renamer is fast, lightweight and portable file renaming utility for Windows. It can be used to rename files and folders using a number of renaming rules such as changing extensions, string replacement, string insertion, string removal, moving of string, character deletion etc. It can also rename files based on the metadata embedded inside them such as EXIF and MP3 tags. It supports unicode and therefore works very well with files in languages that use non-ASCII character sets. Using the batch mode, you can rename  thousands of files in just a few seconds

Ant Renamer is available  in two packages – installer package and  a portable archive. In the latter case, you simply have to unzip the downloaded file and launch Renamer.exe from there. In the Ant Renamer window, there are three tabs – Files, Action and Log. You have to switch to the Files tab in order to add all the files and folders that you want to rename. After adding all the files, you can switch to the Action tab from where you can add all the actions and their combinations in any order. These actions are carried out in the same order in which they were added.

Ant Renamer

After this, you can simply click on the GO button in the toolbar and within a few seconds you will have finished renaming all of your files. You can now switch to the Log tab and see a log of the renaming process. If you see something that you did not want in the first place in the log, then you can click on the Undo button in the toolbar to undo all the renaming tasks. This can save you from erroneously renaming the files using wrongly set rules.

Ant Renamer

Ant Renamer is very fast and worked without any lags. It ran without slowing down our Windows 10 system or hogging any of the system resources. We were able to use it even on a virtual machine running Windows 98 SE.

You can download Ant Renamer from