Account Profile Fixer : Easily Fix Windows User Account Profiles

For one reason or another, sometimes we end up with a corrupt user profile in Windows. When your user account gets corrupt, you encounter a large number of computer problems. If you are fortunate, then you will encounter very simple problems like errors launching programs or saving settings. But on the worst side of the problem, you may not be able to login to your user profile -making it virtually impossible to use your computer.

This is why as soon as you start seeing some symptoms of a corrupt user profile (apps installed in the user profile folder such as Microsoft Edge browser not working, right-clicking on the desktop is taking too long or the Start menu is not showing up etc), you should attempt fixing the user profile.

You can use a portable tool called Account Profile Fixer to quickly fix any of the user profiles on your Windows computer. This tool when launched displays a list of all of your user accounts. You can choose any one of the accounts that you want to have fixed and then click on the Fix Selected User button. This will take you to further steps and guide you through the whole process.

Account Profile Fixer

What it does in the background is that it creates a new user account of the same username. It then copies all of your data from your old user account to the new one. Finally, it logs you in to the new user account. You will not notice any difference in the new user account. It then deletes the old corrupt user account.

You should always have at least two user profiles on any Windows PC. One user profile should be for regular use and other for use during the emergency situations like when your main user profile has become corrupt. But in any case, you can use Account Profile Fixer to fix any of your corrupted user profiles.

You can download Account Profile Fixer from