Duplicate File Remover : Find and Erase Identical Files in Android

Duplicate or identical files are the exact copies of each other. Image files that are not same when they are compared in binary mode, but they are resized or rotated versions of the same image are also said to be duplicate files. Similarly, audio or video files compressed using different codecs and saved in different formats but having the same content can also be considered to be identical.

Duplicate files or identical files are a problem on all sorts of devices whether Windows PC, Mac, iPhone or Android smartphones. This is specially true with devices that are always connected to the internet like iPhones or Android devices. In the case of Android, you can use a free app called Duplicate File Remover to quickly find and remove all types of duplicate files from your devices. It can remove duplicate images, videos, audio files, documents and other types of duplicates.

Duplicate File Remover

From the app interface, you can choose one of the options to select the type of duplicate files that you want to scan for – images, videos, audios, documents, and all other types. After the scanning is complete, it will display the results from where you can select one or more duplicate files to be removed per set. After you proceed to remove the selected duplicate files, they are deleted and you might regain free storage space.

Before you can remove these duplicate files, you are given a chance to preview them. You can go from one file to another to see a preview and check the other properties of these files such as the file size, file location and more.

Duplicate File Remover

While Duplicate File Remover app is very easy to use, it can also be very annoying as it keeps displaying full-screen ads at each and every step. Because there are other similar apps available, this behavior can make the users annoyed and they might switch to other apps.

You can get the Duplicate File Remover app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.duplicatefileremover.duplicatefilefinder.duplicatephoto.