Malwarebytes Privacy : Encrypted Fast VPN Service for Windows

Makers of the popular Malwarebytes Anti-malware have now entered the VPN arena. They have come up with a VPN for Windows computers. This new VPN service from Malwarebytes is not free but it does offer some of the features that we desire from any VPN service.

A good VPN service shields your actual IP address from websites by connecting to those websites through a secure network. It provides a highly secure 256-bit encrypted connection. It also ensures that when connection to VPN fails, your actual IP address is not accidentally exposed to any of the online services. Malwarebytes Privacy offers these features among many others:

High grade encryption

Malwarebytes Privacy gives you full end-to-end encryption when accessing any website or other online services. This guards the users from data sniffing attacks and even your ISP cannot track your online activities.

Malwarebytes Privacy VPN

No logs kept by Malwarebytes

Many other VPN services keep a log of all the webpage addresses and IP addresses that you accessed through their network. The number of days for which the logs are kept varies from one VPN service to another. Malwarebytes promises never to log your online activities ensuring full privacy when using their VPN.

Blocks trackers

When you visit a website, it may use some special tracker servers that place a cookie in your browser to help them track your internet browsing behavior. Even though you have to give your consent for cookies, some of the unauthorized trackers can be blocked through Malwarebytes Privacy.

Wide selection of servers

It offers more than 180 VPN servers located in more than 30 countries. Having this large number of servers not only gives you many options to choose but also makes the VPN network much more reliable as the VN traffic is not limited to a few servers.

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