Easily Share Large Files in Realtime with Get.tt

While there are tons of file sharing and cloud storage providers out there, only few of these provide features like instant realtime sharing of sites. By realtime sharing it means that your files are available for others as soon as you start uploading them – there is no need for the uploads to be completed first. The part of file that has been uploaded becomes available for sharing immediately. So far we have seen only Ge.tt to be able to share files without waiting for the completion of the uploads.

Ge.tt is an online realtime file sharing service. It is accessible through any web browser whether old or new. Before you can start sharing your files, you have to create an account The free account of Ge.tt allows you to upload a total of 2 GB of files. If your requirements are more than 2 GB, then they also offer monthly and annual subscriptions that allow you as much as 1TB of data storage.

Ge.tt File Sharing

With a fresh new account, you can begin sharing your files in seconds. In order to share files,you can drag-n-drop files on the Ge.tt website and they will be uploaded to Ge.tt servers. During the upload itself, you can see the links for sharing the files. You can also see a realtime statistics of who is downloading your files from your Ge.tt account. You can use it sharing files both for professional and personal use.

One problem we found with Ge.tt is that it does not use secure connection. This means that the website has no SSL certificate installed. So when you access Ge.tt in your web browser, it is accessed through an insecure and unencrypted connection. While this does not affect the usual working of the website, it may be a privacy concern for many users.

You can visit Ge.tt web app site at http://ge.tt/.