Check if Webcam is Working Using IObit Online Webcam Test

Sometimes when you try to use your newly bought web cam, it simply does not tell you whether your installation was done properly. After installing the new webcam, how do you find out if it is really working. You can install apps like Skype or ManyCam on your computer and test your webcam. But if you do not want to install any new software on your PC or if you do not want to spend too much time installing the programs, then you can just use an online webcam test like the ones offered by IOBit. This online webcam test is very simple but instantly checks your webcam.

  1. First of all, you have to visit IObit website located at
  2. Click on the big picture of webcam as shown in the following screenshot:IObit Online Webcam Test
  3. Click on the Allow button when your web browser asks you for permission. IObit Online Webcam Test
  4. When the permission is given and the website can access your webcam, you will see a small preview of your webcam stream on the webpage.IObit Online Webcam Test

This should be enough to test and find out that webcam is working fine. Usually an LED light is turned on when the webcam is working but it may not be present on some models of webcams. However, if your webcam stream fails to load on the webpage then you can check the following:

  • Is your webcam properly wired to your computer? Some webcam required USB or HDMI cable to be connected to the computer ports.
  • Have you installed device drivers for the webcam? All types of webcam need device driver software to be installed before they can be used. Usually this software comes on a CD/DVD that comes with the webcam but you can also download it from the webcam manufacturer’s website.
  • Is your webcam turned on? Many newer webcams some with a flip-switch to turn it off or on. On laptops it is usually an Fn key combination that toggles on or off the webcam.

Using all these tips, you can troubleshoot a non-working webcam fairly easily.