Encryptr is Cloud Based Secure Password Manager

Encryptr is a fast and secure password manager app that works in all the popular platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. It is designed to be very simple and easy to operate. It is powered by cloud storage from SpiderOak and can be used to store any type of data including passwords and credit cards. Since the password manager stores the data on the cloud, you can access the stored data on any of the supported platforms anywhere you want. It encrypts the stored passwords before sending them to the cloud server.

Encryptr is completely free for use. You can start by launching the app and creating your free account. You do not even have to supply any email address – a username and passwords is all you need for creating the account. Once you have created a free user account and signed in using this account, you can add new data to your account.


It allows you to add three different types of data – passwords, credit cards, and custom data. The passwords can be any type of username + passwords combos. The credit card information holds card number, expiry date, CVV code and any other special instructions needed. Under the custom data you can store anything you like for example PIN code to unlock your house gates or the computer login screen passphrase.



All of these are first encrypted locally and then stored on SpiderOak cloud storage. When needed the encrypted data is fetched to local device and then decrypted. You won’t be able to decrypt the data if you forget the username and password to login to your Encryptr account.

Encryptr is powered by SpiderOak and can be trusted to respect your privacy. It is extremely easy to use and works across all the popular devices. With a simple user interface, it is not difficult or confusing to use at all.

You can download Encryptr from https://spideroak.com/encryptr/.