Epic Games Store Giveaway : “Amnesia – The Dark Descent”

Epic Games Store is a blessing during these days of the lockdown as they keep giving away new games every week for us to stay busy with. If nothing else, we have new games to look forward to every week. This week, they are giving away a horror game “Amnesia – The Dark Descent”.

This horror game takes you to a really spooky abandoned castle when you (the protagonist) has to spend a night. But little did you know that the castle is also home to some creatures of the night. The night soon turns into a nightmare as monsters start following you everywhere.

The game takes to back to the Victorian times. The year is 1839 and the place is London. You play Daniel and wake up inside a castle where you hear a distant cry. As can be guessed from the title of the game, you do not remember anything about yourself except that your name is Daniel. As you explore this haunted castle, you discover more about yourself and flashes of memories come back.

Amnesia - The Dark Descent

All through the game, you get a chilling feeling that something is hunting you, something is getting closer to you, something that sounds creepy and wants to cause harm. With this foreboding, you try to run away from the eerie sounds that seem to find you no matter where you go. Stumbling across the narrow corridors, you finally start to get some clues to the nightmare only to realize that you are descending further into the darkness of the castle.

The game has very moderate system requirements. It can even be run on the dated Windows XP computers if someone still uses them. All you need a minimal of 2GB RAM and a dedicated graphics card.

You can visit https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/amnesia-the-dark-descent/home to claim your free copy of the horror game “Amnesia – The Dark Descent”.