Create New Memes in Seconds with ImgFlip Meme Generator

Memes have become very common on the social networks like Twitter and Facebook that we cannot imagine living without them these days. Memes can express a certain set of feelings or reply to a comment in a unique way of their own. Memes are often used for funny messages, terse replies or satires.

Many people find memes on the internet by searching for them in the image section of search engines like Google or Bing. Some people also download the memes from special websites that offer hundreds of memes for download. And then there are those people who make their own using a graphics editor software.

But making memes is not that difficult if you use ImgFlip’s Meme Generator web app. Using this web app, you can make memes in seconds. This web app offers multiple images that are used for making memes quite often. You can select any of these images or use one of your own for the purpose of your new memes.

ImgFlip Meme Generator

The web app offers text to be added to the image. For the text, you can choose the foreground and the background colors. The size of the text is adjusted automatically based on the length of the message. For pictures selected from the web app, they have already picked the ideal location for adding text. For your own pictures, you can choose one or more locations where you would want to add the text.

Furthermore, there are tools for drawing over the images using a marker pen tool. The color and the size of the pen can be changed. This is useful if you want to highlight something funny in the image or you want to draw your own meme. The created meme bears a logo of which can be removed by paying them a monthly subscription fee of $3.95.

You can create your own memes by visiting ImgFlip Meme Generator at