ffWorks is FFmpeg GUI Frontend for macOS

FFmpeg is a very popular media recording, encoding, conversion, and streaming tool for multiple platforms. It works on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is really powerful and is being used by many third-party open-source as well as commercial software for media conversion or streaming.

The official FFmpeg binaries are available only in the command line interface. While it is pretty easy to learn how to use the command line version of FFmpeg, some users find it very difficult to work with command line applications. For those users, there are many GUI frontends available for all the operating systems.

ffWorks is one of these GUI frontends designed to work on macOS. It still uses FFmpeg in the background but you can select media files and choose options before converting or encoding them. You have to first add the media files to ffWorks and then select various options for the media conversion. Since it uses FFmpeg, you can add all the media file types that are supported by FFmpeg and that means hundreds and hundreds of media file formats.


For media conversion options, you can choose the video codec, audio codec, subtitles, watermarks, etc. You can also choose to merge the videos together into a large video files. After selecting all these options, you can simply click on the small “play” button to being the conversion process. ffWorks can process as many as eight different media files at the same time in the batch mode.

If the source media files are also high quality, ffWorks can process 8K media resolution files. Any Macbook Air is capable of running ffWorks without any problems. Since all Apple Mac computers have very impressive hardware, it is much faster to finish the media conversion and merging using ffWorks compared to running FFmpeg on a typical Windows PC or Linux computer.

You can download ffWorks from https://www.ffworks.net/.

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