PGWARE SystemSwift Optimizes System for Smoother Gaming

PGWARE SystemSwift is an easy-to-use computer performance booster application for Windows. It is a great tool for quickly  boosting system performance either for the purpose of gaming or for using applications that demand more from your system resources.

The software has a one window user interface from where you can choose all the optimization options. You can choose an operating system for which you want to optimize your system for. This setting is automatically detected. For example, if you install and run SystemSwift on a Windows 10 PC, then it will auto-detect this settings to select Windows 10.

You have to select a processor manufacturer of your PC. For example, if your PC uses intel Core i5 then you should select Intel processor from the list. Other options available are VIA and AMD processors. Once again, this setting will be automatically detected.

The third setting is for picking your internet connection type. You can choose from a big list of internet connection types – Cable, DSL, Wi-Fi, Verizon FiOS, Dialup 56K, Satellite, Android, iPhone, 3G/4G LTE modem, LAN, ISDN and more. This connection type is sometimes detected wrong, so you should ensure that you pick the correct setting.


There is a speed setting that can be set anywhere between “Boost” and “Maximum Boost”.  You can choose this setting to change the optimization level. If you slide it towards “Maximum Boost” then it will free up more system resources for you. After selecting all these settings correctly, you can click on the Optimize now button.

Once you are done playing your computer games or using a resource hungry application such as Adobe Premiere, you can click on the Restore button to restore the settings back to their original levels. Your PC returns back to the same state as it was before using SystemSwift.

SystemSwift is a lightweight PC performance booster and works instantly to free up system resources for resource hungry applications. It is great for PC gamers who want to play games are higher resolution and higher graphics settings.

You can download PGWARE SystemSwift from