Fladrop : Share Files Across Devices Using QR Code Without Installing Any Apps

Fladrop is a web app using which we can share files across multiple devices without having to install any apps or software. It generates a QR code that has to be scanned on the target devices. When this URL that was contained inside the QR code is opened in the two devices, you get an interface to share files between the two devices. For this to work, both the devices must be connected to the internet.

This is how you can use Fladrop to share files across multiple devices:

  1. In your source device, for example your laptop, open a web browser and point it to https://fladrop.com/.
  2. Click on the Get Started button displayed near the lower part of the website.Fladrop File Sharing
  3. It will generate and display a QR code, you have to scan it with your mobile phone or tablet. There are apps that you can use in both iPhone and Android to do the scanning. It should open a URL in your phone’s web browser. Even without scanning the QR code, you can either type or copy-paste the URL manually in your smartphone’s browser.Fladrop File Sharing
  4. As soon as the URL from QR code is opened in phone’s web browser, the interface of the Fladrop web app will change to file sharing. Now you can drag-n-drop files on the web page to share them across the devices. Any type of file or multiple files can be shared using this method. You can tap on the download button next to any shared file to download it on the smartphone or any target device.Fladrop File Sharing

Fladrop is really quick way of sharing files without having to install any apps. But it makes use of the internet unlike some other file sharing apps that can work over local WiFi. Another problem is that the shared files route through Fladrop servers which means that you should not use it for sharing personal or sensitive files.