1Password : Feature Loaded Secure Password Manager

Everyone has a dozen online accounts these days and they keep increasing in number every year as new online services and apps are released. For example, I used to have 5-6 online accounts a decade ago, most of them email accounts, but now I have three dozen accounts of many different kinds.

Without a good password manager like 1Password, it becomes impossible to remember all these usernames and passwords. 1Password is a password manager that works on all the platforms – Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, ChromeOS etc. It even has extensions for web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Edge.

Unlike many other password managers, 1Password does not take security lightly. It sports high grade AES encryption for your stored passwords, cards and other notes. It features a secret key based login which means that even if your master password is stolen, nobody can login to your 1Password account without a secret key assigned to your account. It has a panic mode using which you can disable or delete everything belonging to your 1Password account.


1Password supports 2-factor authorization which helps you login to online accounts for which you have enabled 2-factor authorization. Its watchtower security module can scan all the stored credentials and tell you which of them belong to a compromised website, how many passwords are vulnerable, how many have been reused by you, whether your passwords are weak, whether they belong to an unsecure website (HTTP) and also 2-factor authorization.

1Password offers software for all the popular mobile and desktop platforms. If you install 1Password on multiple devices and use the same account to login, then you can sync the data across all of your devices. This means that you can save the credentials on your Windows PC and then use them on your iPhone easily.

Even though 1Password is not free, it does offer a 30-day trial version and if you like it then you are given some discount. With an impressive user interface, support for all the popular platforms and emphasis on security, 1Password clearly stands out from the crowd.

You can download 1Password from https://1password.com/.