Listen to Podcasts in Chrome Browser with podStation

Ever since I was a high-school student, I have been listening to radio talk shows while finishing with my homework. We learn very useful things, we get to listen to important interviews, heated debates and many engaging discussions on these radio shows. These days many of these radio shows are available on the internet in form of podcasts not to mention the new podcast broadcasters who have become popular after Apple started their own podcast service.

If you are a Chrome browser user then you can use podStation extension to listen to hundreds of these podcasts available and manage them easily. After installation of podStation extension, you can click on its icon in the Chrome toolbar and it will show a list of all your podcasts. If none of the podcasts are showing up, then you have search and subscribe to them first. You can add as many podcast subscriptions as you want.


It uses iTunes and PodcastSearchService to search for the podcasts. You can find all the podcasts that are available online using these services. You can click on the “+” icon to subscribe to any of these podcasts. Once subscribed, these podcasts will be updated automatically and you will be notified about the new episodes as they become available. You can also download the episodes of various podcasts in the MP3 format for later listening. You can transfer these MP3 files to your smartphone and listen to them at your leisure.


You can play any available episode of any of the subscribed podcasts. The player is universal and keeps playing even if you switch to different tabs in the Chrome browser or switch to some other application in your computer. During the playback, you can control the podcast playback right from the toolbar icon for podStation.

You can get podStation extension for Chrome browser from