Epic Games Store Giveaway : Gone Home

If you are getting bored this week, then Epic Games Store has the solution to your problem. They are giving away a suspense game called Gone Home. This game is designed with an early 1990s background and presents you with a story having the components of suspense and thriller.

In this game, you play 21 year old young lady Katy who has returned home from one year of time spend in Europe. She is expecting all sorts of things to do with her family, what she will talk about and how they will react upon seeing her. But when she finally reaches her family house, she finds it completely empty.

Inside an empty house, she is puzzled as to where everyone has gone. In this big house, she goes from one  room to another trying to locate her family members or find some clues that might giveaway there whereabouts. During this, you can explore everything in the house – kitchen, cabinets, or wardrobe and collect many things lying around. Since the game is set in 1995, you will find technology popular at that time, for example, you will find an audio cassette tape that you can play in a tape player.

Gone Home

Gone Home is a mystery game and is completely non-violent. You will explore the house and find clues just like Nancy Drew without being attacked by any creature or without having to fight with any criminals. It is fun for the entire family and will be great to play together with your kids.

Gone Home has very moderate requirements as it can be run on any system having 2 GB RAM and can be run even on old Windows 7 computers. Of course, it runs much smoother if you have a gaming rig with impressive specs.

You can visit https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/gone-home/ to get Gone Home for free this week.